Bring the spark and let's ignite. Together

iQnite is an open call case competition created by inQvation, a startup development firm. We are looking for creative problem solvers who want to lead the fight against the challenges resulting in climate change. And build new, interesting businesses doing so.

Why should you join iQnite?

iQnite is based on two simple but powerful ideas: (1) That the right, original ideas for all big challenges are out there just waiting so see the light of day, and (2) that with the right help, tools and guidance, great ideas can be turned into startups with huge impact as well as business potential.

With the iQnite case competition we provide the latter, you join with the former and together we have the opportunity to create magic - and ultimately great business. It is as simple as that.

What is the ambition of iQnite?

Ideas are cheap. Solutions cost a great deal more, but with the right talent, experience and dedication a lot can be achieved. Making it successful to the market is often the real killer though. Which is why we have made precisely that the explicit focus of the iQnite case competition.

We will help you get from the first idea to a desirable concept that your future customers understand, want and is just dying to be able to buy from you. You will get access to tools, research and advice to help you dot all the i's and cross all the t's.

By doing that our ambition is that the case competition will provide you with the best possible blueprint for turning your idea into a successful startup.

We're looking for you!

You have a strong sense of purpose and love to take the lead more than you like being a follower. You think of yourself as creative with an abundance of ideas dying to see the light of day. But you also want to reap the rewards. And the thought of working hard to turn your great idea into a great business is completely natural to you.

You know that learning to swim is something you only really do after you have jumped off in the deep end. You are open, curious and eager to learn while doing it in order to get to where you really want to be and be successful at the end. And, most importantly, you have the passion, stamina and guts to see it through.

The Q and A

What do I need to join?

The only thing you need to join is to fill out the "Join"-form and press that button. For the form you need a bit about yourself or your team - because yes, you are more than welcome to apply with a team - a bit of your background and what motivates you to join. And of course an idea you would love to work on.

What does the iQnite process look like?

When you join iQnite, you will bring your idea to our free 2-day bootcamp on November 15-16. Here you will pitch your idea, gather a team around it (if you don't already have one) and start working on fleshing it out and make it ready for market testing. It will be hands-on, and we will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary tools and guidance.

After the first bootcamp, we will select 8-10 teams for further participation. These teams will have access to Lab Days with the inQvation team. The teams will also get invited to the second 1-day bootcamp.

In this second bootcamp we will take a closer look on your idea and help you define the make-or-break experiments you need to go and do in order to figure our how your idea can make it successful to market and be able to convince our panel of judges on pitch day. .

The competition ends with a pitch day on January 22 2020, where you will pitch in front of our expert panel of judges. It is here where you will find out if your idea was the one with enough potential to win iQnite.

What is it with teams and what if I don't have one?

Don't worry. Join anyway. One of the first things we will do, when we meet, is to form teams based on the ideas you all bring along. Because yes, iQnite is a competition for teams. Because we know that it takes a team to succeed in turning a potentially great idea into an even greater startup.

What will I do in the bootcamps?

In the first bootcamp on November 15-16 we will provide you with the tools, tips and tricks necessary to go from a pretty abstract idea into a very concrete, sellable one. You will learn how to research properly and fill out the blanks in your concept. And you will learn how to distill what you have learned into something very specific and powerful.

At the second bootcamp we will take that powerful idea and ask "What can make this idea break?". And then we will define the quick experiments you will need to go out and perform after the bootcamp ends. We will help you define the experiments, what needs to happen and success criteria, so you can go out, test and start building the business model, you need to present on pitch day.

What are Lab Days?

During the competition you and your team will be able to get help from the inQvation team in Taastrup.

We have set aside a weekly day where we will be available to meet, share and learn. And perhaps even help you build something if that is what you need help for.

The help is free to all partipants and available at a 'first come, first served'-basis.

What are your criteria?

iQnite has two sets of selection criteria:

After the first bootcamp we will choose the ideas and teams we believe the most in after having seen you work for further participation in the competition. It will be our call.

At the pitch day our expert panel of judges will determine based on what you present, the facts you have gathered and the research you have done, which idea has most legs. And thus will be crowned as winner of iQnite.

What does the timeline look like?

iQnite is a case competition that runs through the fall and winter of 2019/2020. Deadline for joining is on November 4, and pitch day is on January 20 2020. What happens inbetween those two dates? Check out the timeline for the case competition below.

Date Placeholder


Launch of the iQnite Open Call


Deadline for joining

01 - 16/11/2019

Bootcamp #1 (2 days): How to get from idea to crisp value proposition


Selection of final participants


Bootcamp #2: Business Modelling and how to validate the idea and be investor ready


Submission of final pitch


Pitch day and announcement of winner of iQnite

What is the grand prize?

The iQnite prize consists of several different elements with substantial value.

Not only will you and your team get 6 months of seating at the inQvation IoT hub and ecosystem in Taastrup. You will also get 150 hours of help and advice from inQvation team members, access to our TechLab and our extended network. And finally you will have a pre-booked seat at the Accelerace screening event in Copenhagen for acceptance into their acclaimed accelerator-program.

If you check all the boxes along the way, and your idea really has legs, you could walk away with your own startup and participation in the Accelerace program. Because, if the idea is that good, why stop when the competition ends?